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I dub thee a Japanese Anime FrEaK!
Welcome to this anime community where you can talk freely about Japanese Anime/Manga and so forth. Everyone is welcome, even the ones who have no fuckin' idea what were talking about. Hell, maybe you'll understand after a few days!

This community is founded, owned, and managed by Liz(I forgot to mention I got a new journal XD) and Rae

Not many rules.. but anyways, you still gotta obey 'em! If you don't the sexy Rae and I will have to whip you down!

-There is absolutely NO SPAMMING! If you do, you will be cut from this Community.

-Remember, if you have to have lots and lots of pitures, or a long post, the LJ cut-code is your friend ^^

-Keep to Anime-only topics. Manga is okay, japanese-made games are acceptible too. But I seriously don't want to see anything about your pet monkey or so forth. Keep that on your personal journal.

-Please don't use this much as like a chat-room because it isn't.

-Don't spoil anything! If you have to, put in the heading that it is one or we'll have some really angry people @_x!

-Please no advertising!

-Make all posts as meaningful as you can. Not just a 'hi, I'm new.' and thats it. give us some anime, manga, or games your into, or something.

-try to be less annoying as you can! No TyPiNg LiKe ThIs and etc.

-No Hentai or Porn. Try to keep this community atleast PG13

-please respect everybody but mostly the owners or we will ban you.

I will keep my eyes on you.. so you better not mess up! <Link us</b>
We would really like it if some link-buttons or html were donated ^^;
If you do use one, PLEASE REMEMBER TO LINK IT BACK TO US Thanks.

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